Flying ?

easyJet has very quietly improved their cabin luggage dimensions.  They will now allow you to take a 'standard' size case on board - 56x45x25.  They also have a 'no weight limit' condition, so long as you can lift the case into the overhead locker, then there is no problem.  This is really good news for for those travelling with carry-on luggage only.

Avoid Ryanair at all costs.  They have abolished all check–in desks and will only allow online check-in.  If you don’t have a boarding card on arrival at the airport you will be charged £40.00. Taking luggage, don’t. You will charged £30 per bag per flight.  Paying by any card apart from a Visa Electron will cost £10.00 per person per flight. And they have the highest charges for in-flight food and drink. I expect they will soon be charging extra to actually sit down.  They may appear to be the cheapest but you must read the site extremely carefully, don’t ‘scan’ you will end up paying more.

There are dozens of flight comparison sites; too much choice (some of it unreliable) doesn’t make life easier - just more confusing. and are about the best there are, but the advice is the same as it has always been – shop around and read all the conditions very carefully then read them again.


All these fares are available to everyone regardless of age. The following may seem complex - but it’s not. All train companies - including Southern Trains (the same company that runs Brighton & Hove Buses) have to offer just three types of fare : Advance; Off-Peak and Anytime.  We need only concern ourselves with the Advance.  You can only buy these online or one of the One Stop shops either in North Road or the Travel Centre at the Station. 

For long journeys splitting your tickets is usually cheaper.  For example if you want to take a train to, say, Bristol from Brighton, buy a ticket to Portsmouth, then one from Portsmouth to Bath and so on.  You will be on the same train, you don’t have to get off or change but it will be much cheaper than buying a direct ticket.